Where We Be
San Antonio, Texas (March 12, 16 & 26, 2008)
We attended "The Greening O' the River" on St. Patty's Day
I'm happy with any city that has water as a central element
The idyllic Riverwalk makes San Antonio one of the most unique cities in America
The Alamo, the one thing in Texas that may be smaller than you'd expect
Beautiful landscaping makes the Riverwalk a place to slow down and linger
Ducklings are a frequent sight
Having lunch or dinner on the Riverwalk will put a smile on your face!
We enjoyed patio dining with my Mom & Dad at Michelino's Italian restaurant
What fun to get to share San Antonio and the Hill Country with Mom & Dad
Tower of the Americas at Hemisfair Park (World's Fair)
Arched bridges, elegant walkways, and the San Antonio River make this the Venice of the South
San Antonio's Riverwalk is a picturesque "water boulevard" lined
with restaurants, boutiques, flowers, trees, and walking paths.
Set twenty feet below street level, it is isolated from the noise
and traffic of the city. It feels like you're in a magic place. This,
you think, is how cities should be.

I remembered the Riverwalk from an earlier visit to San Antonio
in 1996. I fell in love with it the first time and have always looked
for another opportunity to visit. During our month in Bandera, we
had three chances to stroll along this water boulevard. During
our first visit on the 12
th, we saw the Alamo -- iconic of all things
Texas -- and reacquainted ourselves with the Riverwalk. On the
second visit on the 16
th, we shared in St. Patty's Day celebrations.
During the annual "Greening O' the River," the city adds dye to
the water to turn it emerald green. We thought this sounded too
fun to pass up! We watched Irish bands, Riverdance dancers, and
a float parade. We also visited nearby Hemisfair Park. Our third
visit on the 26
th was shared with my parents. We spent a sunny
afternoon dining outdoors alongside the river, strolling the
elegant walkways, and shopping at La Villita.