Where We Be
Month in Bandera, Texas (March 2008)
The full kitchen has allowed us to do something unusual for us -- cook!
Bandera's annual "Wild Hog Explosion" is one of those local, down-home Texas events that are just too good to pass up
Our home for the month of March -- a quiet little cottage near Lake Medina
Deer wandering through the lovely backyard are a daily sight here
Open the front door and what do you see? More deer!
Kicking back on the back porch with a glass of wine
Robin as the deer must see her from the fenceline
It's a short walk to lovely Lake Medina
A uniquely beautiful stretch of the Guadalupe River near Brick's River Cafe in Bandera
Ah, love! Skooching closer at Brick's River Cafe in Bandera
We loved the fact that my Mom and Dad got to visit with us during our time in Bandera
We've embarked on what feels to us like a grand experiment,
finding out what it's like to live for one month at a time (or longer)
in different parts of the U.S. and the world. We weren't sure how
feasible such an idea was: Would it be possible to find a
reasonably priced place to stay for such a short duration? Well,
we found one for the month of March. It's located in the Texas
Hill Country on Lake Medina, about halfway between San Antonio
and the small town of Bandera. Our quaint cottage has plenty of
space for two, and it even has an extra bedroom where my
parents were able to stay when they visited for a few days. It cost
$600 for the month, or $20 per day for the two of us -- not bad.

During our month here, we've especially enjoyed sitting on the
back porch with a glass of wine in hand, watching the resident
deer in the open space just beyond the fenceline. Circling hawks
are a common sight, as well as colorful songbirds, hummingbirds,
and butterflies. We've even seen wild turkey. For variety, we've
made three trips into San Antonio to enjoy the Riverwalk, visited
Bandera for the Wild Hog Explosion, and went overnight camping
at Garner and Lost Maples State Parks.