Where We Be
For sheer fun this is one of the best things you can do in Israel
Dead Sea, Israel
Did you know the shore of the Dead Sea is the
Earth's lowest elevation on land? It sits 1,388 ft
(423 m) below sea level. The water is also nearly
nine times saltier than the ocean, so there are
no fish here, only mud-covered humans.
about two hours at a beach near Ein Gedi
and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The
mud pots at the water's edge are irresistible.
certainly couldn’t resist smearing the gooey
all over ourselves and letting it dry on our
skin before
wading into the water.

Once in, I made like my namesake and bobbed.
It's impossible not to float; we
tried to force
ourselves to sink and couldn't. But floating on
your back in one of the saltiest lakes in the
world is a wonderfully peaceful experience and
shouldn't be missed. We
swam out to the buoys
were surprised at the alternating pockets
of hot and cold water. Afterwards we
used the
pen-air showers to wash all the salt off, then
in plastic chairs under a palapa and happily
munched on apples while watching others
through the same odd but oh-so-fun ritual.
We arrived at this beach near Ein Gedi spa at the end of a long day in the desert, so a swim sounded like just the ticket
We took turns getting all mudded up
Even better is floating in the Dead Sea and rinsing all the mud off. Very refreshing!
Good form! Way to point those toes!
When we reached the water's edge,we discovered this irresistible "Mud Area." There's even a mirror to check out your handiwork.
Robin took her turn, and you can tell by her smile she had a great time too
You can't go any lower than this and still be on dry land. It's all downhill to the Dead Sea, which is the northernmost part
of the Great Rift Valley -- the same Great Rift we once saw in Kenya! The whole rift stretches some 3,700 miles (6,000 km).
Afterwards we visited the Ahava cosmetics store where all things Dead Sea --
from mud to mineral skin care to moisturizing body products -- are on display
Driving west towards Jerusalem, we headed steeply uphill. This dramatic
stretch of sand dunes in the Judaean Desert is located right at sea level.
An enterprising camel driver stations his camel here for tourists just like us.
Note how the camel kneels forelegs first, then back legs, allowing you to dismount.
Ride 'em cowboy!
A great day spent with a fun group of people
We headed for the palapas -- and the lowest point on Earth
Dipping your hand into the gooey mud jars and smearing mud all over yourself is definitely a tactile experience not to be missed