Golden, CO & Pocatello, ID -- Summer 2017
Where We Goin'
Now that our 2½ month trip to Malaysia, Singapore,
Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar is complete, we're
ready for some relative downtime back home in the U.S.
We'll still be "on the road" but in a quieter way.

We'll be spending one month at an Airbnb rental in
Golden, Colorado where we're really looking forward to
reconnecting with friends in the area. It's been nearly
two years since we've spent any quality time in Colorado.

Then we'll spend another month at a different Airbnb
rental in Pocatello, Idaho. We've never done much
exploring in Idaho so this gives us a good chance to see
this beautiful state during the height of summer.

After these two months we hope to spend a few days
camping near the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, then we'll
make our way slowly across country to Maine, checking
off a few sites in states like Nebraska and Iowa where we
haven't spent much time before. We'll be back in Maine
by late August for another two-month stint as caretakers
of Robin's family's cottage rental business.

That takes us through late October. We have an open
window in November and early December, and we're still
planning and plotting how to fill it. Any suggestions?
Holi Paint Festival -- Agra, India