Where We Be
Fossil Lake in the Beartooth Wilderness
Backpacking in the Montana Beartooths is
one of my all-time favorite things to do in
life. I first fell in love with the Beartooth
Wilderness (just northeast of Yellowstone
National Park) when I was in college in 1983.
I actually got college credit to spend two
months in the Beartooths with two
professors and five other students. What an
experience! Two consecutive months living
in tents, learning a whole new set of skills,
and soaking up some of the most incredible
scenery I've ever experienced. It literally
changed my life. It explains why we moved
to Colorado after college, and why hiking
and backpacking have been an essential
part of our lives ever since. I got to take
Robin and my best friend from college with
me to revisit the Beartooths in 2001 and
2003, and it was every bit as awe-inspiring
and wonderful as I remembered it.
Backpacking in the Beartooths