So -- Where We Goin' Next?
Where We Goin'
We're definitely feeling the travel bug after months of
staying at home. Like so many others, we're itching to
get back out there and see the world. We spent most of
the past year holed up in our Boulder condo, which was
good for reading, writing, Netflix binging, local hikes,
and other quiet pursuits, but not so good for exploring
parts unknown.

High up on our list: a safari to South Africa, Botswana,
Namibia, and Zimbabwe. We'd also love to see Russia
and Finland in the depths of winter -- picture the Kremlin
in the snow, dogsledding, and the aurora borealis. Or
how about an over-the-water bungalow in Bora Bora? Or
a gorilla encounter in Rwanda? Antarctica is another
strong contender: we've heard it's almost otherworldly.
Then there's Europe (both Eastern and Western), which
we've postponed in lieu of more physically demanding
adventures up till now. We still have a whole lot of
Europe to see. Meanwhile, we've visited every state in
the U.S. -- except Oregon, which continues to elude us.
(Not much longer, Oregon! Your time is coming!)

As you can see, we have quite a long wish list, and that
really only scratches the surface. If you're visiting this
webpage, you probably feel the same way. Let's hope  
future years give us all the chance to get out there and
explore this beautiful world around us, meet our fellow
human beings, and reacquaint ourselves with just how
much fun life can be. Who knows, maybe our paths will
even cross one day somewhere in another time zone!
This photo was taken in 2010 during our visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra, India during
the Holi festival, when the colored powders really fly! It epitomizes what we love about
travel -- fun encounters and unexpected experiences that stay with you for a lifetime.