Where We Be
Serengeti to Arusha, Tanzania
We awoke to find two vervet monkeys peering
into our window. They're so curious! One even
tried to open our sliding door. Later that same
morning, we heard a commotion from the room
next door, then a scream and the sound of a
vervet galloping across the roof. Clearly he'd
stolen something and gotten away with it.

For the last time (unfortunately) we drove south
through the path of the wildebeest migration.
When a big herd of wildebeest and zebra ran
across the road right in front of us, making their
way to a watering hole, we pulled over to watch.
The animals crowded in, took a quick sip, then
dashed off even as more took their place. We
were surprised at how quickly they drank -- but
predators are always a risk at such spots.

We stopped for one last look into Ngorongoro
Crater on the way by. After that we were back
on pavement for the rest of the drive to Arusha.
Watering holes are fantastic places to watch wildlife. These wildebeest
made a quick dash in for a drink, then were off just as quickly.
This tree has bent itself into a
U-shape for some peculiar reason
The photo's a bit blurry, but it's always exciting when you see
wildebeest charge across the road directly in front of you
This was the reason for their urgency -- a
watering hole in the midst of the dry savannah
The mixed herd of wildebeest and zebra was our last
notable wildlife sighting on our way back to Arusha
These boys have their faces painted, indicating their initiation into
manhood via circumcision -- an important Masai rite of passage
We awoke to this vervet monkey peering into our window. A minute later
he tried to open our locked sliding door, pushing hard with both hands!