Where We Be
Royal Gorge, Colorado  -- Rafting
This is an experience not to be missed! The
Royal Gorge whitewater rafting trip offers
thrills and spills galore, especially in spring
(May/June in Colorado) when the water is at
its highest. The Royal Gorge is located on
the Arkansas River near Canon City. The
two of us and our friend Dawn opted for the
full-day raft trip (Parkdale and Royal Gorge
combined). It didn’t take long for us to get
wet, and boy, was that water cold! Several
times it hit me full in the face and I paddled,
essentially blind, sputtering for breath until
we got through to calmer water.

Once we reached the Royal Gorge section
of whitewater that afternoon, things got
even more intense. Big rapids kept coming
at us one after another -- Class IV and V
rapids with names like Sledgehammer, Boat
Eater, and Wall Slammer. The scenery, too,
just got better and better as we made our
way deeper into the Gorge, until eventually
we were paddling at the bottom of a
thousand-foot chasm and could look up and
see the Royal Gorge bridge far above us.
Digging in!
Just getting started on the ride of a lifetime! Robin is right behind me and our friend Dawn is just behind her.
Class IV and V rapids come one after another on the Royal Gorge.
Hey, has anyone seen our raft?!
Yep, that's me getting hit full in the face with a sheet of icy cold water. That'll wake you up!