Where We Be
Louisville, Colorado -- Home Sale
Our suburban home of 16 years
We loved the huge back yard from the very beginning
Living room looking into kitchen and dining room
Our comfy living room with the tile floor we installed ourselves
Master bedroom
Dining room
Our sheltie Chaucer -- he brought so much love to our home!
Downstairs family room with woodburning stove for toasty fires in winter
View from entryway into downstairs living area and wine bar
Front porch with marigolds and hanging flowers
View of the back yard and flagstone patio from our bedroom window
What a great dog!
Robin in the backyard with Chaucer (1993 est.)
Chaucer as a puppy (Jan 1992) -- just after our home purchase (Nov 1991)
Chaucer loved his big back yard from the very first -- boy, did  he love to run!
We put our home on the market in mid-June and sold
it on October 2, 2007. It wasn't an easy thing to do
after living so happily there for 16 years. But our goal
was to hit the road for some extended travel, both in
the U.S. and around the world, so we sold our home,
stored what we couldn't bear to part with in a small
storage unit, and began our personal odyssey.

Most of our pages highlight faraway places and
exotic destinations, but here's a page that celebrates
the simple pleasures of home. It's a place we'll
always associate with our wonderful dog Chaucer
and a sizable chunk of our early married years when
we first moved to Colorado.