Where We Be
Two-pound lobsters at Thurston's -- delish!
Our home away from home on the "quiet side" of Mount Desert Island in Maine
View through the screened-in porch at Thurston's
Jordon Pond on a misty day (perfect for warm popovers at Jordon Pond House)
Robin with her Mom and sister Karen at Jordon Pond House
View of the property in Maine as seen from the ocean
I finally broke in our new collapsible sea kayak and went paddling along the coast
Acadia National Park, Maine -- Spring
What a beautiful time to be in Maine -- from May
15 to June 15. The snow is gone, the flowers are
in bloom, the air is crisp, and there is a roughly
equal mix of sun and rain.

The main reason for our visit this spring was to
attend a memorial service for Robin's dad who
passed away last October. This was a huge family
gathering, with relatives coming from as far away
as Los Angeles. The day after the service, we
were blessed with the most perfectly sunny day
imaginable and we all spent it outside on the
porch or in the lush green yard, with the younger
kids chasing each other around the huge
meadow, doing backflips, and laughing.

We kept pretty quiet the rest of the month. On
sunny afternoons we'd head down to Annie's
Cottage and relax on the outdoor lounge chairs,
enjoying the view with a glass of wine. We took
Bijou for long walks and spent many hours sitting
with her near the shore enjoying the sun and the
sea while she explored every nook and cranny
within reach of her long leash. During our last full
day I got up the gumption to go sea kayaking out
in the bay. Getting the two-person kayak in and
out of the water was no small task by myself, but
it was plenty fun once I got out on the water.
Pretty springtime views of Asticou Gardens near Northeast Harbor
Top of the observation tower on the Penobscot Narrows Bridge