Where We Be
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe is chock full of whimsical sculptures
Nearly every building in Santa Fe is built in the adobe style
A natural arroyo runs through the property, draining water when heavy rains come
Proud owners of the "Ojo de la Vaca Ranch" near Santa Fe
Robin and Alan peer through windows of an old stone building that once served as lodgings for a sheepherder
Alan & Robert still own the land but decided shortly thereafter to move back to Montana
Santa Fe (elev. 6,800 feet) has the third most art galleries in
the country. That’s saying a lot when you consider how much
smaller Santa Fe is compared to the first two -- New York City
and San Francisco. It's packed with art, and Canyon Street is
ground zero, home to countless art galleries. We spent a lot
of time walking along this famous street during our two
weeks in Santa Fe (June 17-30) and always saw something
new each time we visited. We enjoyed fine paintings, wind
sculptures, and stunning photographs I wish I had taken. The
other must-do in Santa Fe is the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.

We came to spend two weeks in Santa Fe thanks to our good
friends Alan and Robert, who asked us if we'd be interested
in watching their dog Travis while they were on vacation. At
the time they were renting a small condo just three blocks
from the central square. We said yes enthusiastically and
enjoyed all the town had to offer. Taking Travis for his daily
walks made us feel even more connected to the local life.

We were surprised to discover that June is actually the
hottest month in Santa Fe, since the rains arrive in July and
August and help cool things down. Still, it’s very pleasant at
nearly 7,000 feet, with a hot sun when you’re directly in it
(often in the '90s) but quite nice in the shade.
Picnic in the future dining room
The perfect reading perch!
Little artistic touches are everywhere
Taking Travis for one of his two daily walks -- obviously a real hardship!
San Miguel Church, one of the oldest church structures in the country (built c. 1610)
This house on De Vargas Street is billed as being "The Oldest House" in the US (take that, St. Augustine, Florida!)
You could spend weeks exploring art galleries and still not see all of them in Santa Fe
This is the lovely (and little-known) Cristo Rey Church, the largest adobe structure in the US
The pretty exterior of a Canyon Road art gallery
Lovely little outdoor statue gallery
St. Francis beckons in front of his namesake cathedral in the center of Santa Fe
St. Francis Cathedral bathed in the soft glow of sunset
We walked with Alan & Robert through Santa Fe's central square near sunset
Robin hangs out with Travis on the condo patio on a sunny day in June
Entrance to Canyon Road, art gallery central in Santa Fe
One of countless pieces of art on display outside a gallery on Canyon Road