Where We Be
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
It's said that when Eleanor Roosevelt first saw Iguazu
Falls, she exclaimed, “Poor Niagara!” Niagara Falls is
no slouch when it comes to scenery, but Iguazu has
it beat. We've never experienced waterfalls more
impressive than these. The sheer volume of water is
amazing, and there are more than 200 waterfalls in a
small area.

The highlight of the park is El Garganta del Diablo, or
“Devil’s Throat.” The instant we got our first glimpse,
we had big smiles plastered all over our faces. The
thunder and power were amazing. This is something
to be experienced first-hand; a camera can't do it
justice. Rainbows kept popping up out of the mist,
and the mist struck us almost continuously. The
atmosphere was convivial, with people taking each
other’s pictures and trading smiles.

One other spot in the park had us (and everyone
else) grinning from ear to ear: the view from tiny Isla
Martin. Picture 30 waterfalls in a row all thundering
and misting and you'll have an idea of the view.

Was it worth the nearly 18-hour overnight bus ride in
each direction? Most definitely yes. To feel the
whole world turn to water and mist and rainbows and
thunder is worth a long journey.
Iguazu Falls was on our "Top 100" list of things to see, and we highly recommend it to all others
Robin's smile at "Devil's Throat" says it all
A double rainbow touches down in a green, water-soaked valley
A small but impressive fraction of the "Garganta del Diablo," or "Devil's Throat," a U-shaped valley inundated with waterfalls at every turn
A series of waterfalls cascades down the near side of Garganta del Diablo
Two people watch a rainbow from a platform on the "Lower Circuit"
Panoramic view of a string of waterfalls on the "Upper Circuit"
Robin's favorite view in the park was from Isla Martin -- sure to put a smile on anyone's face!
Incredible power of Martin Falls, 2nd biggest in the park
Good luck getting to that particular pot of gold!
People on the "Lower Circuit" get misted by a powerful waterfall
Palm trees and waterfalls form a pretty picture on the "Upper Circuit"
I like this segmented view of the waterfalls created by three palm trees
I'm dwarfed (and thoroughly soaked) by Bossetti Falls on the "Lower Circuit"
A speedboat douses its passengers beneath Martin Falls
One last waterfall pic -- a great view from the "Upper Circuit"
A dramatic look up the valley of the Garganta del Diablo
The jungle scenery at Iguazu Falls includes lovely orchids like this one
Coatis are a common sight at Iguazu -- they're half-tame from being fed
The 18-hour overnight bus ride to Iguazu Falls was an adventure in itself
The bus seats folded almost completely flat, with fold-out leg rests as well
Robin gets ready for a surprisingly good night's sleep on the bus
We stayed at the terrific Peter Pan Hostel in Puerto Iguazu and made full use of its pool
We saw this cool iguana on the "Sendero Verde" ("Green Path") at Iguazu
Salto Dos Hermanas or Two Sisters Falls
Words fail when it comes to a view like this
This little girl borrowed my sunglasses then posed with her brother