Where We Be
South America Cruise – Days at Sea
Seven of the fourteen days of our Celebrity Cruise
around the horn of South America were days at sea
or days of "scenic cruising," so they made up a
significant portion of our overall cruise. Days at
sea are vital to any good cruise experience
because they help balance out the intensive days
in port when you try to "see it all" and "do it all."
They let you recharge your batteries, focus your
energies on the delicious gourmet food to be had,
and simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the views.

Dinners onboard Celebrity were consistently
superb. Every dinner began with a warm basket of
bread, and every single night of the cruise Dad
said, “I just love this bread!” In his defense, it
very good!

On the formal nights, the chefs tended to pull out
all the stops. For our last formal night, for example,
we had lobster tail with jumbo shrimp and scallops.
Appetizers ranged from shrimp cocktail to Caesar
salad, from escargots to delicate puff pastries, and
from creamy soups to ultra-thin carpaccio of beef.

Our favorite show? The big Broadway production
by the Celebrity Singers and Dancers. It was the
best show we’ve ever seen on a cruise ship.
The view of this glacier with waterfall was compelling enough that I jumped up from the table to take a photo
Good food and good company...what more could you ask for?
We sat at our own table for four with a window and felt very glad to be together
Looking down at an appealing outdoor dining option
Moonlight on the water as we sailed serenely along
Let the eating begin!
"I just love this bread!" was the refrain each night. We each had our favorite kind.
Our "dynamic duo," Nyoman & Nelson, with Baked Alaska in hand
A rare occasion for us to play dress-up. I actually rented a tux for this cruise.
Mom and Dad pose with two wonderful people -- Nyoman our assistant waiter (left) and Nelson our waiter (right)
The menu from our final Formal Night shows just how much we suffered during the cruise
Lovely photo of Mom and Dad in front of our dinner table window
We prepare to sit down to another astonishingly good meal on the last formal night of the cruise