Where We Be
Puerto Madryn, Argentina
We stopped at this beachside cafe for some drinks and some people watching
We had a pleasant and relaxing time in Puerto
Madryn, located on Argentina's eastern coast.
Many people went on a grueling 6-hour drive over
bumpy gravel roads to Punta Tombo and back to
see the huge colony of Magellanic penguins
there, but we kept to Puerto Madryn itself. In the
morning, we took the shuttle from the pier to the
center of town and strolled the streets for some
window shopping. The town wasn’t particularly
photogenic but at least it offered the chance to
get out and stretch our legs on land. We all
returned to the ship for a delicious buffet lunch.

Mom opted to stay on board but Dad and the two
of us took the shuttle back to town for a stroll
along the coastal walkway. The beach was packed
with people, almost all Argentines (no obvious
tourists or cruise passengers). It was a hot, partly
sunny day and there were lots of people swimming
in the ocean. I took my Tevas off and went wading
in the water and was surprised at how warm it felt
so far south of the equator.

We plunked ourselves down at a beachside café
and had some drinks. It felt fun to relax and just
people-watch as we sat in the shade of the
umbrella on a beautiful day.
Puerto Madryn's beaches were crowded with Argentines enjoying their summer vacation
Robin and Dad enjoy the sunshine and each other's company
We opted for people-watching instead of penguin-watching at this port of call
The sun sets over a calm ocean (sunset is around 9 pm this far south)
It's a wonderful thing to be sharing another two-week cruise with Mom & Dad