Where We Be
Santiago, Chile
The weather was perfect during our week in
Santiago. We got to see Santiago at its best in mid-
February, with fewer crowds (due to summer
vacations) and the best temperatures of the year.
We ate some great al fresco meals with my mom
and dad before they flew home on February 18.

We all liked Santiago and felt it got something of a
bum rap in the guidebooks. There’s a sedate,
comfortable, and affluent feel to most of the city.  
It is clean and well kept and there are many fine
restaurants from which to choose. Both women
and men dress smartly, and the overall feel is
European. There aren't as many "must-see" sights
in Santiago as in B.A., but it is eminently livable
and walkable (if you use the metro in conjunction
with walking). The leafy central square, the Plaza
de Armas, is worth seeing with its baroque
Metropolitan Cathedral. And we loved the two
bisecting pedestrian-only streets, Paseo Ahumada
and Paseo Huerfanos, which offered pedestrians a
major thoroughfare without cars through the
whole of the city center.
We climbed the terraced hill in central Santiago called Santa Lucia
View of the lit-up church at night from our apartment balcony
We did some great al fresco dining with my mom and dad during our three shared days in Santiago
Another appealing al fresco dining option at El Huerto
We loved our one-week apartment rental with its great balcony (not to mention high-speed internet)
The bedroom in our apartment
This was the view from the balcony of our 13th floor apartment (yes, 13th!) in Santiago
Lomit's was our favorite spot -- we loved their churrasco (filet of steak) sandwiches and I tried and loved their conger eel
Happily exploring Santiago on foot during one of our seven sunny days
This is the Metropolitan Cathedral on the Plaza de Armas, the main square in Santiago
This imposing building is the Palacio Moneda, the Presidential Palace
We could see the foothills surrounding Santiago from our apartment building's rooftop terrace
Inviting pool on the terrace of our apartment building
Robin and I on the Plaza de Armas in front of the ornate Correo Central (central post office)