Where We Be
Bariloche, Argentina
Panoramic view of Bariloche on the shore  of Lake Nahuel Huapi
Bariloche, idyllically situated on the edge of Lake
Nahuel Huapi, is associated with the good life in
the minds of most Argentinians. It makes the best
chocolate in the country, and some of the best ice
cream, and its location in the midst of the Andes
Mountains makes it the de facto headquarters for
summer hiking and winter skiing in the Argentinian
Lake District.

One of our favorite activities (besides eating
chocolate and ice cream) was taking local bus #20
for an excursion along the Llao-Llao Peninsula
(pronounced “shao-shao”). The bus skirted along
the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi, past numerous
upscale homes and cabanas made of log and
stone, and past beautiful lake and mountain
scenery (all misty on the day we went) to the five-
star Llao-Llao Hotel, considered one of the
"Leading Hotels of the World." It is situated on top
of a hill with lovely vistas in all directions.

We enjoyed a relaxing hour in the Patio Bar where
we sipped cool drinks and pretended to be super-
rich for awhile. What next dear? The spa? Again?
This green park near the city center made for a good picnic spot
Mamuschka's is the most famous chocolate shop in Bariloche
Where else can you get your chocolate-cell-phone fix?
We happened to visit Mamuschka's right before Easter so the place was really hopping (groan!)
We made a whole lunch out of Bariloche's famous chocolate and ice cream one day. What a great day!
From chorizo (sausage) to chicken to steak, Argentina is a great place to be a carnivore
This street vendor did a brisk business with his choripan sandwiches
Triple-scoop. Robin's favorite flavor was cinnamon ("canela").
We stayed at the comfortable and friendly Periko's Hostel
The central plaza is known for its stone-and-log architecture
Bariloche is situated on the shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi which is rimmed with mountains
We took local bus 20 to the Llao-Llao Peninsula, a 45-minute ride that ended at the Llao-Llao Hotel. This is the view from the hotel entrance.
View from the Patio Bar where we enjoyed a few drinks
Misty but magnificent view looking in the other direction
Robin luxuriating for awhile at the Patio Bar at the Llao-Llao Hotel
One of the prettier border crossings in the world -- from the Lake District of Chile into the Lake District of Argentina