Where We Be
We chopped off the last three hours of the Salinas
Grandes tour (which would have returned us to
Salta) and stayed in Purmamarca instead, arranging
for pickup the next morning at 10 am for the tour
north to Humahuaca. This turned out to be a great

We both instantly liked Purmamarca with its cobble-
stone streets, adobe homes, quiet Quechuan
inhabitants, bird-song, and gorgeous views of the
“Hill of Seven Colors.” The town is ringed with
multi-colored mountains, but this hill in particular,
at the town's edge, is a sight to behold. We stood
atop a small hillock just two blocks from our hostel
and drank in the views at sunset.

Next morning we got up early and did a short
circuit hike around the Hill of Seven Colors. We
had heard the hike offered superlative views at
sunrise with the softer light, and we weren't
disappointed. The peacefulness of the morning,
and the sunlight slowly working its way down the
multi-hued peaks, made for a memorable hike. By
the time we finished, the morning sun was shining
full on the Hill of Seven Colors.
Purmamarca, Argentina
Two happy travelers enjoying small-town life
The central square is ringed by vendors selling handicrafts from northern Argentina and Bolivia
We did a short circuit hike around the Hill of Seven Colors in the morning
Sunlight seeps down the mountainside as the morning progresses
What a sight! The Hill of Seven Colors in the full morning sun
The trail winds its way through startlingly red foothills
We loved the green (copper) and red (iron) striations in the rocks
Typical adobe storefront in town selling ceramics and textiles
The Hill of Seven Colors as the sun rises and the moon sets