Where We Be
Late afternoon shadows creep into the multicolored Canyon of Cafayate
Cafayate, Argentina
We walked to three different wineries on the edge of town
Feeling good in Cafayate on my 46th birthday
Our last stop before returning to Buenos Aires
turned out to be one of our favorites. We instantly
fell in love with the small town of Cafayate. In fact,
we wish we had discovered it sooner as we would
have happily stayed a month.

Cafayate is known for its torrontes wine, some of
the most floral and delicious white wine in the
world (we think!). Vineyards surround the town
and are within easy walking distance. The town is
quiet enough you can hear birds chirping from the
central square, and more people ride bikes than
drive cars.

We had our most authentic "parilla" experience in
Cafayate. The grill had no name and was definitely
no-frills, but the steaks and chorizo sausages
were to-die-for delicious. The inside of the place
was filled with a light haze of smoke, and a soccer
game was playing on the TV. The owner beckoned
to us and we walked over to the grill and picked
out our selections of meat. There were no menus
and no prices, but when we asked for the bill they
told us 32 pesos, just $9 for everything including
the wine. You can't beat that! For dessert we tried
wine-flavored torrontes and cabernet sauvignon
ice cream at a local ice cream shop.

The magnificent Quebrada (Canyon) of Cafayate
lies just outside town. This gorgeous stretch of
road is reminiscent of the best scenery in Utah or
Arizona. At one point we got out of the car and
hiked with our guide 3 km into the canyon and saw
amazing colors – some of the best mixes of red
and green (not to mention yellow, blue, white, and
black) we have ever seen in rocks. At the end of
the hike we climbed a steep hill for an amazing
overlook that is often pictured in the local tour
brochures of the area.
Playing with shadows during our canyon hike
The church in Cafayate's quiet central square
Posing inside a natural rock window on a picture-perfect day
This rock formation looks like the steam engine of a train
We took off our shoes and waded through shallows to approach this "castle" of rock
Soaring red pillar of rock with green trees at the base
Panorama of striking beauty just a few miles north of Cafayate
Up to my ankles in cool, refreshing water on a hot day
Our guide, Walter, waits for us near a rock formation called "The Obelisk"
We stayed at the Rusty-K Hostel in Cafayate and found it a delightful place to call home for awhile
We loved the incredible initensity of colors during our 3 km hike into the canyon
This was the first stop on our tour of the Canyon of Cafayate, only a few miles outside of town
A steep climb brought us to this amazing overlook with stunning beauty in every direction
Deep shadows highlight how red the hills are
Striations of color are permanently etched into the rock -- red for iron, green for copper
Some of the most colorful rocks we've seen
Shadows encompass all but the top of this narrow canyon called the "Amphitheater"
Gorgeous view from the Tres Cruces (Three Crosses) overlook
The road winds lazily through the colorful red rocks of the Canyon of Cafayate
Lovely mix of green vegetation and red rocks at the Tres Cruces overlook
The chef / owner prepares to serve us an enormous steak at this tiny parilla -- our favorite grill experience in Argentina
Funky "llama" building on the outskirts of Cafayate
Even the ice cream is wine-flavored in Cafayate -- torrontes on the left, cab sauv on the right
High noon in the sleepy town of Cafayate, where bikes outnumber cars
This artisan is engraving names into silver keepsakes we bought as gifts