You can see why Gwalior Fort is also known as
the Painted Fort with its colorful decorations
Within the courtyards are lovely geometric wall carvings and whimsical
stone statues, like these baby elephants "kissing" mama elephants
And this not-so-scary dragon
We visited in the late afternoon when the slanting
sunlight accentuated the rich colors of Gwalior Fort
We especially liked the archways with their intricate designs
Brilliant colors and geometric designs make the visit to Gwalior Fort worth the effort
This row of cute waddling ducks was our favorite feature
Two elephants in blue crown the top of the wall
(the blue even color-coordinates with our website!)
This ornate balcony is located just inside the entrance gate
It's a long steady climb to the fort, which is perched on a cliff above Gwalior
Near the top you get great views of the imposing outer walls
But you can take breaks along the way at atmospheric
spots like this 9th-century Hindu temple
Where We Be
Gwalior Fort, India
Gwalior Fort, also known as the Painted Fort, is
the one big tourist draw in Gwalior. On the day
we visited we were the only non-Indian tourists
there, so we think this qualifies as a site that's
off the beaten path just a bit. The medieval fort
is majestically perched atop a 2-mile-long
plateau overlooking Gwalior. It was a steep
climb to the top as we passed through several
stone gates and a Hindu shrine along the way.

Along the outer palace walls are whimsical
mosaic tiles of yellow ducks, blue elephants,
and green tigers and crocodiles. This was our
favorite thing about the fort -- I mean, who puts
yellow ducks on the outside of a fortress?

Man Singh Palace is housed within Gwalior Fort.
Built around 1500, it has two quiet courtyards
with beautiful stone carvings. Smaller rooms jut
off the courtyards but are mostly dark -- some
even have bats. A warren of rooms extends
underground for two stories, reachable by iron
ladder, but these are utterly dark and would
require a guide (and no claustrophobia).
The inner courtyards were bathed in soft afternoon sunlight
The archways make for good photo ops