Where We Be
This is the largest and most famous of the Khajuraho temples, "Kandariya-Mahadev." Built around 1025 AD, it represents the high point of Chandelan architecture.
Khajuraho, India
Khajuraho is known for its 25 temples covered with
intricately carved Kama Sutra images. The carvings
are erotic in nature and UNESCO World Heritage-
listed, representing some of the finest temple art
in the world. On our first evening we took a rick-
shaw ride near sunset to visit three Jain temples
on the outskirts of town known for the high quality
of their carvings. The two most famous carvings
are of a woman pulling a thorn out of her foot and
another woman applying mascara. The sheer
amount of carving on the outsides of the conical
temples makes for an over-the-top impression.

Early next morning we visited the main grouping of
temples at Khajuraho, called the Western Group.
This cluster of temples is world-famous -- certainly
we heard just about every language under the sun
that morning. Walking from one end of the site to
the other only takes a few minutes, and in between
the dozen or so temples is green grass, flowering
bushes, and beds of flowers, so it’s a pretty place
to walk. The beautiful sculptures of handsome
men, impossibly buxom goddesses, and intimate
goings-on essentially speak for themselves.

The three Jain temples (set off by themselves) have some of the most famous individual sculptures in Khajuraho, including this one of a woman applying mascara
Playful figures swirl out from the flat stone
One of Kajuraho's most famous sculptures, illustrating the feasibility of the headstand position!
This photo of the famous south side of the Kandariya-Mahadev temple demonstrates the sheer volume of intricate stone sculpture present on each temple
When not thinking about sex, they thought about war
Two happy elephants intertwine trunks
The erotic content should not distract (too much) from the great skill underlying the sculptures
The grounds surrounding the temples in the Western Group at Khajuraho offer a peaceful oasis
The conical temples look golden in the early morning sunlight
Around the outsides of the temples are bands of exceedingly artistic stonework
Regal-looking surasundari (heavenly nymph)
Taking a short rest in the shade between temples
Another heavenly nymph found wandering around the grounds
Mythical lion-like beast embraced by a young woman
The tops of temples are carved with intricate geometric designs
You have to remove your shoes to enter inside each temple
Apparently sex was a popular pastime 1000 years ago as well
A frieze of haughty-looking elephants circles the base of a temple
Looking straight up from the base of one of the temples
Camel caravan
This famous sculpture depicts a woman removing a thorn from her foot