Where We Be
Tansen's three-tiered temple is considered one of the most beautiful outside the Kathmandu Valley
Tansen, Nepal
We left the heat and mosquitoes of the low country
behind, journeying into the Himalayan foothills to
the medieval hill town of Tansen. The bus ride took
only 2 hours (we had expected 4), but then again,
our bus driver drove like a maniac over the steep,
winding roads. When he passed another bus on an
S-curve, honking like crazy, we just shut our eyes
and hoped for the best. To get off the bus we had
to maneuver around a kid goat in the aisle!

The streets of Tansen are steep and cobbled, and
the wooden homes have a medieval look to them.
Within each cool, dark shop you see tailors work-
ing on their sewing machines, or hear the clacking
of looms, or puzzle over items you've never seen
before and have no idea what they're for. The small
shops reminded us of the penny candy stores we
used to visit as kids, each one having its own
collection of soft drinks, chips, candies, etc.

We only had one afternoon in Tansen, so our
pictures hardly do justice to this picturesque little
town with foothill views in all directions (hazy on
the day we were there). We did walk down a steep
street to see Tansen's premier attraction, Amar
Narayan temple. This classic three-tiered, pagoda-  
style wooden temple is considered one of the most
beautiful temples outside the Kathmandu Valley.
These are typical Newari -style houses with wooden balconies, window frames, and roof struts
This restaurant offered a wonderful indoor courtyard in which to sit and the best egg pakodas we've tasted (hard-boiled egg slices in a light, crunchy, fried batter
This steep street is typical of Tansen with its rows of small shops, friendly locals hanging out on porch stoops, and untouristed atmosphere
Terraced fields near Tansen on the way to Pokhara
Intricate wooden carvings make Amar Narayan Temple worth the steep walk
Up-close look at an Intricately carved doorway and odd-looking iguana (we think)