Where We Be
The view from Bhulbule at the start of the Annapurna Circuit
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal (Days 1-3)
The classic Annapurna Circuit may not exist for
much longer. A dirt road already stretches up the
west side of the trek, and another road is fast
going up the east side all the way to Manang. The
extent of road building was a bit depressing at
times, but there is still a lot to like about the
Annapurna Circuit, at least for the time being, as
we hope the photos on these pages will show.

From Pokhara we had a bumpy 4-hour bus ride to
Besi Sahar, a dusty little road stop, followed by an
even bumpier 1-hour bus ride to Bhulbule. Our last
bus ride for a month! Now we rely on foot power to
get us from village to village along our route.

We hiked an hour to Ngadi on that first day. This
small agricultural village offered basic lodgings
counterbalanced by very friendly people. The next
day we hiked 4 hours to Ghermu, past increasingly
lovely terraced fields. Our third day was a hard one
for us as we were still getting our hiking legs back
and sections of the trail were quite steep, both up
and down, and we had to detour around several
sections of road construction. We felt relieved to
finally reach Tal after 6 hours.
Looking happy at the start of our 31-day trek
Our first day's lodging was in the small agricultural village of Ngadi
Our first lodgings were extremely basic
Glad to be traveling by foot for the next month
I believe these were the most basic lodgings of our trip
Shower and bathroom were in separate tin-and-wood shacks
We dined outside under this palapa, staying out of the hot sun
The cafe where we ordered our food -- people were very friendly here
We walked down to the river near Ngadi in the late afternoon...
...and cooled our toes in the cold water
The depressing truth: road building is going on all the way to Manang; sometimes this was what we were hiking on and looking at
On the plus side, the hike to Ghermu on our second day went past lovely terraced fields, shepherds' huts,  and family farmsteads
We passed quaint farms with stone walls and growing crops
Hay bales are stacked high on this small terraced farm
A man pumps water at the well while a woman waits to fill a bucket
Typical small village on the way to Ghermu
Rickety bridge across the Marsyangdi River (not part of the trek route!)
Enjoying the old village of Jagat on the way to Tal on our third day
Mule trains are an extremely common sight during the early part of the trek
Scenery on the way to Tal
Domestic animals are in every village -- an aspect of the trip we really enjoyed
The excellent Tibet Guest House in Tal offered an attached bathroom and a waterfall view
Waterfall visible from our room in Tal
Tal with its flat stone walkway is a nice change of pace from all the steep hiking
Nepalis spin prayer wheels as they enter or exit a village, passing on the left side