Where We Be
View looking towards Thorung-La Pass from the stone teahouse at Chongar Viewpoint
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal (Days 7-9)
We hiked to the town of Bragha (3470 m / 11,451 ft)
on Day 7, then spent the next two days resting and
acclimatizing there before making our push to the
top of Thorung-La pass. Bragha is a picturesque
village set in the midst of extraordinary country-
side. It has good lodges and offers a quieter base
than nearby Manang.

As sometimes happens, our first rest day was
fuller than some trekking days. We awoke at 6 am
and looked out the window. It had snowed hard
the evening before, but now it was totally clear
and the covering of snow on the mountains
looked breathtaking. We hiked twenty minutes up
to Manang then continued to Chongar Viewpoint.
Like most viewpoints, it was perched "on high"
1000+ feet above us and required a steep hour's
climb to reach it. But once we got there, huffing
and puffing, the views of the snow-covered peaks
were outstanding, and the prayer flags only added
to the beauty. After breakfast at the requisite
teashop, we climbed even higher to 360-degree
views that were wow-amazing. Here we were,
seeing some of the highest mountains in the
Himalaya encircling us. We felt euphoric!
During the hike to Bragha, we came across some amazing old trees like this one
Loving being out in nature again!
A family of goats, including this baby, followed us around Bragha. Too cute!
We received two surprise snowstorms during our first and second afternoons in Bragha
Looking at the moody and cold scene from the back patio. There are no heaters in the rooms of any of the
teahouses so you have to rely on the thick blankets they provide. (Some dining rooms do have woodburning stoves.)
We began hiking towards Manang, about twenty minutes away, before the sun was fully up in the valley
The next morning we awoke to a brilliant day with fresh-fallen snow on the peaks and pine trees
View in the other direction from Chongar Viewpoint, looking down the valley towards Bragha
Closer view of the snow-covered pine trees
Hooray for hiking!
Bragha village as seen from the hillside across the meadow
Ladder between terraces
Adorable calf at the entrance to Bragha
We discovered this ornate temple hidden away in Bragha
We were surprised by how ornate and colorful the 900-year-old temple was on the inside, when from the outside it looked so plain and ordinary
Eery nook and cranny was filled with religious artifacts, books, statues, flags, drums, photographs, candles, offerings, and tapestries -- it left a strong impression on us
Robin holds up a glass of seabuckthorn juice. Locally grown seabuckthorns grow on very thorny bushes,
and the berry is said to be packed with more vitamins and nutrients than any other fruit or vegetable.
View looking towards Bragha from the tiny village of Mungji, where we stopped for seabuckthorn juice
Our teahouse in Bragha, the Hotel New Yak, our base of operations for three days
We loved the contrast of the new-fallen snow with the dark folds of rock
Prayer wheels at sunrise at the entrance gate to Manang
Manang is the endpoint of the new road and the biggest town on the eastern side of the Annapurna Circuit
We hiked to the top of Chongar Viewpoint on a picture-perfect morning
View from Chongar Viewpoint, framed by prayer flags
Snow blows off the peak tops
The smile says it all!
Unusual photo of the older part of Manang as seen from across the valley
The Pueblo-like homes of Bragha, where the flat roof of one home forms the terrace of the one above