"Picnic" in our room with a view
Colorful displays like this one make you WANT to eat your fruits and veggies
Where We Be
The Fountain of Neptune stands at the city's center near the Piazza Maggiore
The Piazza Maggiore is always abuzz with activity
Robin sits on a granite couch on the Piazza Maggiore -- a whimsical touch of art at the city's center
Many of Bologna's buildings are painted mustard yellow or peach -- here I use an unusual camera angle to show them almost "flat"
40 km of colonnaded walkways make walking in Bologna a pleasure
Medieval streets like this one in the Quadrilatero district are chock-full of gourmet shops, marketplaces, and wine bars
If you like pasta, cheese, sausage, and salami, Bologna beckons!
"Fatti a mano" or "Made by Hand" lets you know just how fresh the pasta is
Pastry shop windows like this one are enough to tempt dieters off their diets
This is the lovely view from the balcony window of our central hotel, the Albergo Panorama
Bologna, Italy
Bologna's nickname is "La Grassa," the fat one,
and no wonder: this is the home of spaghetti
bolognese, parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and
mortadella sausage. The number of restaurants,
wine bars, taverns, trattorias, and pastry shops
is enough to make your stomach grumble at
having to choose just one of them (or two or
three, ahem) each evening. The shop windows
filled with foodie temptations are works of
culinary art in themselves.

Bologna is home to Europe's oldest university,
and its thriving student population makes it a
vibrant place to visit. The huge Piazza Maggiore
at the center of the city is abuzz with activity
each day. Judging from what we saw, every
Bolognese must stop whatever they are doing
each day to drink a cup of capuccino in the
morning, espresso in the afternoon, and wine
in the evening (with gelato and pastries thrown
in for good measure somewhere along the way).

Medieval red-brick palaces and towers grace
the city's center. We  particularly enjoyed the
arcaded porticoes – 40 km of colonnaded walk-
ways lined with shops abrim with gourmet food,
designer clothing, and fashionable high heels.
The tall (and leaning) Asinelli Tower
This buxom siren from the Fountain of Neptune spurts water from her nipples
Picture this view with church bells ringing and you'll know why we liked our room!
Bologna is an artsy university town -- we got a kick out of the juxtaposition of statues on one person's window ledge