A day on the lake passes quickly
Where We Be
Bellagio -- Lake Como, Italy
Even with all the good things we'd heard about
Lake Como over the years, we were surprised
just how much we liked this place. Of course it
didn't hurt we splurged on the best rooms at

Bellagio Hotel! The rooms offered panoramic
views of the lake from huge picture windows
that automatically rolled up and down at the
press of a button. The views were
some of the
best we've
had from any hotel room. The town
of Bellagio itself
occupies an enviable position
at the junction of Y-shaped Lake Como. It's
virtually car-free
and full of boutique shops.

On our second day we bought an all-day ferry
pass and had a fantastic time tooling around
the lake.
We visited Varenna with its charming
cobblestone streets
and explored the water-
front gardens at
Villa Monastero (a former
for some lucky nuns). Crossing the
lake to Tremezzo, we had a memorable pasta
then visited Villa Carlotta, an elegant
villa on the lake with extensive gardens.
Bellagio on Lake Como is the town after
which the hotel in Las Vegas is named
Ah, the view!
We loved looking out the big picture window in Room 403
My parents had Room 404, a corner
room with even better views than we had
The hotel is located up steep stairs -- quite
the haul
with my parents' heavy luggage
Our rooms were on the top floor of the Hotel Bellagio on the right-hand side
Bellagio is situated at the junction of Y-shaped Lake Como --
so it's central to all of the other towns on the lake
Be sure to get an all-day ferry pass to go exploring.
This is lovely
Villa Monastero at Varenna.
Half the fun of taking the ferry is spying out
towns and elegant villas dotting the lake
We finished up at Villa Carlotta, one of the must-see villas on the lake
A picture-perfect day spent on Lake Como
with loved ones -- what could be better?
View of Lake Como from the top of town
And playing the game, Which one would you like to own? Maybe that one!
Or that one!
Or that one! Wait -- that's a church!