Where We Be
Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos is known for its iconic windmills, its
maze of narrow streets, and its picturesque
whitewashed buildings and churches. We had
been to Mykonos once before so were a little
more relaxed about seeing it this time. In fact,
we waited until after dinner to disembark. The
afternoon was windy – from the ship we could
see the wind whipping the flags and trees –
and we knew from past experience how
packed the narrow streets would be with our
fellow tourists. But by the time we headed out
it was much less windy, the sun was setting so
the lighting was soft, and the crowds had
diminished to the point that it was a pleasure
to wander through Mykonos’ narrow streets.
The whitewashed buildings looked particularly
charming in the setting sunlight. We revisited
the windmills, the Greek churches, and the
narrow lanes filled with shops. As dusk fell, we
stopped at a small cafe and sipped drinks. We
were back to the ship by 9:30 pm and setting
sail for Ephesus by 10 pm.
Mykonos' iconic windmills were built by the Venetians as early as the 16th century
Mykonos' windmills were primarily used to mill wheat and were an important source of income for the inhabitants until the mid-20th century
At the far end of our walk, near the windmills, we got this lovely view looking back onto the village -- and our cruise ship docked at the pier
What a pleasure to stroll along this sandy beach with the gently lapping waves and the village's whitewashed buildings in the distance
We sat at a small cafe in a tiny square and sipped drinks, with this flag-fest of a view across the way
Now we know -- sunset is a great time for a stroll on Mykonos!
Mykonos' buildings have colorful accents -- usually in light blue but sometimes in bright red
This bell tower is beautifully lit with pink light, and it casts a lovely shadow onto the wall behind
As you can see, the restaurants were still doing a pretty good business. This is one of the main squares in the village.
This was a lovely and memorable sunset walk. It was a cool day in the fifties but the winds had died down and the village was quite peaceful at that hour.
Mykonos' narrow, winding streets are rarely this empty! It was a pleasure to stroll through them at sunset once most of the shoppers were back aboard.
. Of course, now the windmills are an important tourist attraction, and their location on a hill makes them visible from most parts of the island
This is a view from the cruise ship looking towards the main village of Mykonos (or Chora) -- the windmills are further to the right
This is a view from the cruise ship looking away from the main village -- an inviting stretch of crescent beach is just visible to the left