Where We Be
Shannon Miller's leotard
Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne is the second largest city on Lake
Geneva. Known as the "Olympic Capital," it's
home to the International Olympic Committee
and the Olympic Museum. We used Lausanne as
a convenient base for exploring Montreux, the
surrounding Lavaux vineyards, and the Olympic
Museum itself. On our way to the museum we
walked along the Quai d’Orchy, a pretty section
of waterfront filled with flowers and fountains.

The Olympic Museum is set on immaculately
maintained grounds with a constantly burning
Olympic flame and plenty of sports-oriented
statues. On the inside is a vast collection of
memorabilia from both the summer and winter
games. USA stuff included Shannon Miller’s
leotard, the running shoes of Carl Lewis and
Jessie Owens, and hockey sticks from the 1984
U.S. hockey team. There's also a fascinating
collection of Olympic torches and medals.
The Quai d'Orchy is the prettiest
stretch of Lausanne's waterfront
Sports-oriented statues are sprinkled all over the grounds of Olympic Park
We particularly liked the high jump in front of the entryway, set at the all-time record.
It was taller than I could reach with my arms fully extended above my head!
"The Cauldron" with its eternal Olympic flame
We've enjoyed watching the Olympics since we
were kids so this was one museum we couldn't resist
Impressive buildings line Lausanne's waterfront
View from the balcony of our 4th-floor room at Lausanne Guesthouse.
Across the lake, on the French side, you can see the Savoy Alps.
A centerpiece of the museum is its display of Olympic torches.
Nearby is a display of Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals.
Jessie Owens' running shoes and ping-pong rackets with pictures of Mao and Nixon
on them were just two of thousands of fascinating items on display at the museum
Inspirational short films on past Olympics included one in 3D!