Where We Be
Glacier Express, Switzerland
Not my photo, but this captures so well the magic of traveling by train through Switzerland.
Keep in mind, if you're ON the train, you're never going to get a photo OF the train like this!
It's fun to just sit back and watch the scenery pass by when you're in a country as beautiful as Switzerland
Passing tiny hamlets like this one, I can't help but wonder what it's like to live in such a small and out-of-the-way place
On long travel days it's always a good idea to mix in a little silliness to help pass the time. Here we're having fun with reflections in train tunnels!
Looking back down on Andermatt as the train switchbacks its way up the steepest stretch of track to Oberalp Pass
Ah Switzerland! So many little corners to explore.
This is the lovely town of Andermatt, which we would have missed altogether if it weren't for the fact that the usual 12:27 train wasn't running
on a Sunday so we had to wait until 1:27. Turning lemons into lemonade, we took a stroll through town and had a picnic lunch by the stream.
So much of being a good traveler involves not getting worked up when things don't work out exactly as planned.
We're learning to shrug and just go with it. Give me a container of Pringles Flamin' Chili potato chips and I'm happy!
It felt good to stretch our legs after four hours of train travel. Only six or seven hours left to go!
We traveled 11 hours by train – our one long
travel day in Switzerland -- taking most of the
Glacier Express ROUTE but not the actual
Glacier Express. We were glad to be on regular
trains because 1) they were less crowded, 2)
you could change seats (and sides) since there
were no assigned seats, 3) you could choose to
face forward instead of backward, 4) you got on
and off trains so it was less a single journey and
more broken up, and 5) it was cheaper because
there was no extra CHF 33 booking fee per
person. Oh, and (6) the windows opened if you
wanted to take pictures or feel the breeze.

Of course, we did have to change trains six
times! Starting at 8:30 am, we traveled from
Zermatt to Brig to Andermatt to Disentis/Muster
to Chur to St. Gallen to Appenzell, arriving at 7
pm. We had a long layover in Andermatt but that
was okay, we walked into town and enjoyed a
casual lunch by a stream. The whole journey
was lovely but some parts were extraordinary –
especially the steep climb from Andermatt to
Oberalp Pass. And at Geschinen we so wanted
to get off and hike a gorgeous stretch of river!