Where We Be
Clinton Library -- Little Rock, Arkansas
Clinton's presidential limousine is parked in the lobby
The Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock
is chock-full of informative displays and videos
about Clinton's presidency (1992-2000). Just
inside the lobby is his Presidential limousine.
The real highlight of the library, though, is a
full-scale replica of the Oval Office exactly as  
it appeared during his presidency. Clinton is
said to visit the library from time to time and
walk through the “Oval Office” just to make
sure everything looks as it should. There’s
also a recreation of the Cabinet Room.

We enjoyed a video made during Clinton's final
year in office poking fun at his lame-duck
status. It showed him with way too much time
on his hands – reduced to doing the laundry,
washing the Presidential limo, and mowing the
lawn. One Clinton quote we particularly liked:
“There is nothing wrong with America that
cannot be cured by what is right with America.”
According to a long-established protocol, the President always sits in the central position at the Cabinet table,
with the Vice President across from him, the Secretary of State to his right, and the Secretary of Defense to his left
This exact replica of the Oval Office as it appeared during Clinton's presidency is one of the highlights of a visit here
This is the far end of the Oval Office, where Clinton would relax with visiting dignitaries and statesmen
Replica of the Cabinet Room. We learned the President’s chair is always two inches higher than all the others.
Campaign buttons on display from Clinton's second presidential race in 1996. We like the one saying "Bring Back Socks!"
"Why yes, Mr. President, we'd love to chat"
Clinton wanted to be a saxophone player before deciding to enter politics
Example of a table set up for dinner at the White House
View looking out at the Arkansas River from the cantilevered part of the building
We particularly enjoyed this exhibit showing kids' drawings of President Clinton during his years in office
A timeline exhibit runs down the middle of the main floor, with each panel focusing on one year
of Clinton's presidency. The topic-oriented alcove exhibits surround the timeline on both sides.
Robin stands in front of the entrance to the nearly 70,000 square foot Clinton Presidential Library
The main building cantilevers over the Arkansas River, echoing
Clinton's campaign promise to "build a bridge to the 21st century"
The heart of the library is a series of 15 alcove exhibits on the main
floor each focusing on a key aspect of Clinton's presidency
A temporary exhibit at the library used Legos to create everything from a portrait of Bill Clinton to a crayon display