Where We Be
A famous song leads to a statue at "Standin' on the Corner Park" in Winslow, Arizona
Winslow, Arizona
The trompe l'oeil mural on the wall behind the statue seems to show a reflection in a storefront window
of a blond-haired woman in a flatbed Ford. There's also an eagle perched on the second-story window.
Thirty minutes beyond Barringer Meteor Crater
along Interstate 40 is the middle-of-nowhere
town of Winslow, Arizona. We took a spin
through town, knowing this was the place the
Eagles wrote about in their song "Take It Easy."
As the song goes:

    Well, I'm standing on a corner
    in Winslow, Arizona
    and such a fine sight to see
    it's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford
    slowing down to take a look at me...

Lo and behold, there on the corner across from
the visitor center is a life-size statue of a
young musician standing on the corner with a
flatbed Ford parked nearby. What was once a
song lyric has become a roadside attraction
commemorating the song that put Winslow on
the map!

When you drive through Winslow you're driving
down a historic stretch of Route 66. It feels like
you've entered a time warp. Winslow is a town
caught in amber, not unlike the one in the
animated movie "Cars" where progress has
passed it by. But perhaps that's what gives the
town its quiet charm and makes it worth a visit.
Sorry, lady, Robin got there first!
"Take It Easy" (released May 1972) was the Eagles' first single and became one of their signature songs
An actual flatbed Ford is parked near the corner
This is as active as it gets in Winslow, Arizona -- at least on the day we visited
We've always wanted to drive a portion of historic Route 66