Where We Be
Green mountains surround Vilcabamba. What a delightful morning view!
Vilcabamba, Ecuador
On other days we had sizzling chicken fajitas, burritos, and pizzas
We splurged on grilled trout and pasta carbonara at Shanta's
Shanta’s restaurant is an interesting place just outside of town, with saddle-seat barstools and dollar bills tacked to cowboy hats on the ceiling
Each morning we had a tasty breakfast at Le Rendezvous with homemade bread and the choice of eggs or fruit and coffee or hot cocoa
Well okay, maybe one short hike. This is the way to the Rumi-Wilco Reserve just outside of town. The bridge across the river is something else!
This is part of the beautiful courtyard garden at Le Rendezvous. We stayed in Room #1 with the hammock shown above.
A storm is rolling in. You can tell from how green the mountains are that it rains here a lot, but usually it's just for part of the day.
Vilcabamba is famous for the number of centenarians who live here (100 years or older). Perhaps it's all that fresh air and invigorating mountain scenery.
Le Rendezvous is on the outskirts of town but it only takes two or three minutes to walk to the town center
You can see how one week can turn into a month or a year or a lifetime here
The garden as seen from our patio. We whiled away many happy hours relaxing on the patio or swinging in the hammock.
The gardener at Le Rendezvous definitely has a green thumb and an artist's eye
Vilcabamba's mild temperatures are perfect for gardening. We love the "Swiss cheese plant" in the middle.
I'm not going anywhere!
And here we are at Vilcabamba's central square. A car or a truck occasionally passes by but mostly it's serene and peaceful.
This is the view of Vilcabamba from a scenic overlook in the Rumi-Wilco Reserve just a short hike from town
Vilcabamba is all about relaxation. There are no
notable sights to see and nothing particularly
special to do. If you're feeling ambitious (which
we weren't), you can hire a guide or a taxi and
take a day trip to nearby Podocarpus National
Park. But honestly, we were more in the mood
for doing nothing and doing it very, very well.

We spent a week in Vilcabamba and with each
passing day we fell a little more in love with the
town and its surrounding green mountains and
easy pace of life. We particularly enjoyed our
stay at Le Rendezvouz. A well-tended garden
flourished in the courtyard just outside our
room. We had a hammock to swing in and
hummingbirds and flowers to delight in. Just
beyond the confines of our little oasis were
plenty of restaurant options to choose from --
from traditional Ecuadorean dishes to terrific
pizzas, burritos, and sizzling chicken fajitas.
This big dog waits patiently for a bite from a local softy