Where We Be
So glad we got a chance to go boogie boarding at Brennecke's Beach! What fun!
Kauai, Hawaii -- Poipu Beach
A near-perfect circle of water forms an inlet at Poipu Beach that makes it irresistible at sunset
Chickens roamed freely at the Kauai airport. It
was a sure sign we weren't in Honolulu any
more. Since our flight only took twenty minutes
there was still plenty of daylight left to enjoy.
We picked up our rental car and drove to
Kauai's south shore where we planned to stay
for the first two nights of our nine nights on
the island. We checked into the Strawberry
Guava B&B, a quiet little place located in the
mountainous rainforest 15 minutes north of the
beaches. We were delighted when the owners
offered to let us borrow their boogie boards,
so that afternoon we headed off for our first
look at Poipu Beach, boogie boards in hand.

Poipu Beach turned out to be a lovely beach,
too calm for boogie boarding but perfect for
swimming. A near-perfect circle of water forms
an inlet at Poipu that makes it very photogenic.
Right next door is Brennecke’s Beach which is
especially known for its great boogie boarding.
Here we found others taking advantage of the
perfect-sized waves and the soft sand. After
watching their technique for awhile we dove in
and rode the waves for over an hour. What fun!
I even saw a turtle -- maybe it wanted to ride
the waves too. We stayed long enough to catch
another spectacular sunset before dinner.
This grassy open space divides Brennecke's Beach from Poipu Beach
Brennecke's Beach is known as one of the best boogie boarding beaches
in all of Hawaii with its consistently breaking waves and soft sand
Chillin' with the boogie board and catchin' some rays -- we could spend a whole week doing just this!
Poipu Beach is Kauai's most popular beach destination -- it's a great place to while away the afternoon and go for a quiet swim
Strawberry Guava B&B offered us a quiet retreat -- convenient both to the southern beaches and
to Waimea Canyon and other key sights on the south side of Kauai. The breakfast is good too!