Where We Be
Kauai, Hawaii -- Kilauea Point
Just up the road is one of the most famous views on Kauai,
Hanalei Valley Overlook, with its quiltwork of emerald taro fields
Today we got to know Kauai's north shore a
little better. We're staying at the Maluhia Moon
Cottage in Princeville for the week, so all things
north shore are now within easy reach. It was
just a short drive to Kilauea Point, for example,
a National Wildlife Refuge with a photogenic
lighthouse, wave-battered cliffs, and seabirds –
including red-footed boobies and albatrosses.

Next we made our way to Wailua Falls on the
eastern side of the island, which we had just
seen by helicopter the day before and liked
well enough to want to see again by land. These
are the twin falls used in the opening credits of
the TV series "Fantasy Island." We continued
on for a view of the peaceful Wailua River,
where Hawaiian royalty once lived.

After a string of busy days it felt good to take it
easier today. We explored a few north shore
beaches like Anini Beach and Hanalei Beach,
and we visited some local scenic spots like
Kilauea Point and Hanalei Valley Overlook, but
otherwise we were happy to just relax and play
a simple round of mini-golf.
This grassy lookout near the Westin Resort is within easy walking
distance of the cottage. Anini Beach is down the hill from here.
The cliffs at Kilauea Point are breeding grounds for red-footed boobies, Laysan albatrosses, frigatebirds, and shearwaters
The waters surrounding the refuge are home to Hawaiian monk seals, green turtles, and, in winter, humpback whales
We saw several nene (pronounced "nay-nay") Hawaiian geese at Kilauea Point
Kauai Mini-Golf offers a fun course that combines mini-golf with a botanical garden
Robin beat me by just one stroke!
We stayed at Maluhia Moon Cottage in Princeville (near Princeville Shopping Center)
Just out the sliding door is this walking trail leading to Anini Beach
(you have to negotiate a steep stretch to get to the beach itself)
We continued driving to the eastern side of Kauai to take in a few sights there
Several kayakers paddle down this stretch of the Wailua River
Wailua Falls is easily accessible by car and oh so lovely
Next to the trail is the Prince Course at Princeville Resort -- ranked as Golf Digest's #1 golf course in Hawaii
Another view of the Prince Course -- pretty enough it almost makes me want to play golf. Almost.
It gave us a good base for exploring the north shore of Kauai
The nearby Wailua River was once home to Hawaiian royalty
The photogenic lighthouse at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge
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