Where We Be
Kauai, Hawaii -- Secret Beach
I spent a solid hour body surfing and reliving my childhood days
when we spent several months on the Jersey Shore
Of all the beaches we saw on Kauai -- and we
saw plenty -- Secret Beach was our favorite.
The setting is gorgeous. You may recognize
the lighthouse on the cliff in the distance --
that's Kilauea Point. Getting here takes a little
extra effort but it's worth it for the outstanding
views and the lack of crowds. You'll be sharing
the beach mostly with locals. We found it
because we asked a local what her favorite
beach was, and she said without hesitation
Secret Beach. She was kind enough to give us
directions, which we share with you below.

It's a steep hike down from the trailhead to the
beach so be prepared for that. The hike takes
ten or fifteen minutes, so if you visit you're
probably going to want to stay for awhile and
make a day of it. That's what we did, and we
had a fantastic time frolicking in the waves,
strolling along the beach, and soaking up the
sun and good views. The waves can be big in
the winter so be careful if you're not a strong
swimmer, but I had a great time body surfing
and would have loved a boogie board here.
The waves can be a little intimidating sometimes!
Robin drew me a "sand-gram" while I had fun body surfing in the ocean and challenging the waves
If you see this house at the end of the dirt road, you'll know you're in the right place
This is the far edge of the beach looking away from Kilauea lighthouse
We found only a few locals for companions and plenty of beach on which to relax
Here's the view of Secret Beach from the top of the trail just before you descend
This is the trail just to the left of the house. Follow it to
the beach -- it heads steep downhill a bit further ahead.
Finding Secret Beach is a bit of a challenge because it is
unmarked. From Princeville take Hwy 56 towards Lihue and
turn left on Kalihiwai Road AFTER the bridge -- not the first
Kalihiwai before the bridge. Then take the second right onto
the unsigned dirt road. At the end of the road is a big house
(#2826 -- shown in this photo) and lots of parked cars. Take
the path to the beach located between the boulders on the
left side of the house.
Secret Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches on Kauai and a favorite with locals