Where We Be
Texas Bluebonnets
We took a short detour during our
drive from Houston to Colorado to
stop and see the bluebonnets in
Ennis, Texas. Located southeast
of Dallas, Ennis is home to the
Official Texas Bluebonnet Trail,
and if you're anywhere near the
area from mid-March to mid-April,
it's worth a pause. Of course, each
year the peak bloom varies, so it's
best to check online before you
go. The local tourist office in Ennis
can also give you a trail map that
tells you where the bluebonnets
are peaking at any given time.

After the pretty bluebonnet pics,
you'll see a few bonus photos
from our drive north along I-25 in
southern Colorado. As you can
see, we passed through quite a
The bluebonnets near Ennis, Texas are especially bountiful.
Apparently, this was considered just an "okay" year.
Ennis is the home of the Official Texas Bluebonnet Trail.
Whether by car or motorcycle, it's a great place for a scenic drive.
Texas bluebonnets tend to reach their
peak between mid-March and mid-April
Check out these stormy skies as we
drove through southern Colorado
Yikes! Time to get to the storm cellar, Toto.
Thankfully we skirted the worst of the storm
Bluebonnets are one of the true pleasures of driving through Texas in springtime