Where We Be
For a vacation from your vacation, come to Sihanoukville
and chill on the beach for a few days. The living is easy here.
Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Sihanoukville is where you go to recover from
temple burnout. Located at the far southern
end of Cambodia, it offers the perfect place to
chillax after Angkor Wat. We found our ideal
beach home on Otres Beach, which we think is
the prettiest in Sihanoukville -- 4 km of clean
white sand, with fewer crowds, less noise, and
plenty of shacks lining the beach for simple
dining. As soon as we arrived we laid claim to a
couple of beach chairs in the shade of a palapa.
Robin got her toenails painted pink for $5. We
ordered a lunch of ten deep-fried jumbo shrimp
with fries for $6.50 and washed them down with
$1 mango shakes and draft beers. I fed the tail
ends of my shrimp to a beach kitten who fast
became my best friend. We slipped into a
delightful sun daze for a time before going for  
a swim and strolling the length of the beach.
Then we rewarded ourselves with a dinner of
Coca-Cola ribs and fried noodles while
watching the sun set into the ocean. Idyllic!
We stayed across the street from the beach at Otres Orchid for just $15 per night
We liked our simple little bungalow with its bamboo construction and ensuite bath
Each bungalow has a hammock and comfy chairs on the covered patio
It's a one minute walk to the beach and the Bamboo Shack, which serves
fruit shakes, iced coffee with sweet cream, and Angkor Beer all for a buck
Yeah, I could get used to this!
Looking right along Otres Beach -- from atop a tree platform near our bungalow
Sipping drinks with our feet propped up on the hammock
Dinner and a sunset: the best way to finish off a fine beach day
Looking left along Otres Beach, which stretches for a good 3 or 4 km in this direction
Lovely orchid at Otres Orchid
A vendor sells fresh fruit for a song