Where We Be
Great time for a road trip! This sign in Albuquerque advertising
gas for $1.69 a gallon nearly brought tears to our eyes.
Road Trip to the Baja Peninsula, Mexico
According to Google Maps it's some 4,500 miles
(7,250 km) from our home in Boulder, Colorado
to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula and
back. Being the nutcases we are, we actually
find this idea enticing. There's nothing quite
like a long road trip to get the travel juices
flowing. Time to explore some new territory,  
pet some gray whales, snorkel with whale
sharks, and rediscover our inner beach bum.

We boarded our trusty steed (er, Toyota Matrix)
and headed south in late January. Within two
days we had left the snow behind and found the
warm weather waiting for us in Phoenix, where
we paused to visit good friends before pushing
on. In Yuma we paused again to get some much-
needed dental work done across the border in
Algodones, Mexico, while also taking time to
visit Yuma's old territorial prison.

Then it was on to San Diego, where we stayed
on beautiful Coronado Island. We did some local
exploring and watched the Superbowl before
beginning our real adventure -- crossing by car
into Mexico and venturing into Northern Baja.
Our friends say we're crazy, but here we go!
Baja here we come!
You can't beat the view looking across the bay from Coronado Island to San Diego

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It only took 15 hours of driving to rediscover the warm weather. Here we are hiking
with friends at South Mountain near Phoenix, the world's largest city park.

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Another 2½ hours brought us from Phoenix to Yuma. Just across the border is Algodones, Mexico --
our new go-to place for three things at fantastic prices: dental, vision, and prescription drugs.

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Phoenix, Arizona
Algodones, Mexico
Yuma, Arizona
Coronado Island & San Diego, California