You can walk to Medano Beach from the marina,
and it's a surprisingly pretty stretch of sand
Where We Be
Monkey Business Bar's margaritas
in Cabo are the best we've ever tasted
Cabo San Lucas -- Baja, Mexico
Whatever happens in Cabo never happened --
so say the T-shirts. We certainly had a great
time and are glad we remember most of it!

After 1½ months of nature pursuits and tranquil
towns, we were ready for a little night life -- and
day life too. Maybe that's why the beach scene
at Medano Beach exceeded our expectations:
we enjoyed the energy and fun of the place.
Likewise, we enjoyed our touristy glass bottom
boat tour to El Arco (Cabo's famous sea arch)
and the adjoining Lover's and Divorce Beaches,
the former on the serene Sea of Cortez and the
latter on the turbulent, unswimmable Pacific.

As for food and drinks -- we had some of our
best soft tacos ever at a hole-in-the-wall called
Gordo Lele's Tacos. We also had terrific burritos
at the Burrito Surf Shop for a pittance of typical
Cabo prices. Then there are the margaritas at
Monkey Business Bar, which aren't exactly
cheap at $7 to $9 per pop -- but boy are they
memorable. We've been to Cabo twice before
on cruise ship stopovers, but this was our first
chance to explore some of the town's hidden
The constantly pounding waves have sculpted
some unusual rock formations on the Pacific side
During our return journey we saw a mom and baby humpback
whale right in the bay. We got a whale tour without even trying!
We enjoyed reacquainting ourselves with Lover's and Divorce Beaches,
having kayaked here once before during a Panama Canal cruise
Divorce Beach offers a perfect getaway
for an hour or two of sand and surf
The power of the crashing waves on the Pacific side is exciting,
but the undertow is fierce and swimming strongly discouraged
Robin stands between the calm, swimmable waters of Lover's Beach
and the turbulent, unswimmable waters of Divorce Beach (behind her)
Hotel Maria Elena is delightfully central to all the action. We got our own off-street parking space,
and the manager kindly upgraded us to a nicer room (Room #1) on the second floor.
Finding a seat at Monkey Business Bar can be challenging in the evenings.
We tried twice without success before deciding to visit in the late afternoon.
For the ultimate hole in the wall -- and local's favorite -- try Gordo Lele's Tacos, which is chock-full of Beatles
memorabilia. Gordo makes some of the best soft tacos we've ever tasted (and he's a terrific singer as well).
Beyond the rock formations we caught a glimpse of Divorce
Beach on the Pacific side before returning to the Sea of Cortez
On our way out we saw pelicans, sea lions, and colorful fish
swarming to feed on tortilla bits thrown into the water by our captain
A narrow sea cave (left) connects the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific. The unusual rock formations at
Land's End include an upside-down map of the Baja Peninsula and the spitting image of Scooby Doo.
At the marina we easily negotiated a glass-bottom boat tour for $10 each
to Land's End -- including El Arco, Cabo's much-photographed sea arch
You can't beat the daily drink specials at Happy Endings Bar --
two beers plus two double tequila shots, all for $5
We loved both our entrees -- the Chilpalla Fish prepared with a signature
garlic sauce, and Linguine and Capered Olive with gorgonzola cheese sauce
For fine dining at reasonable prices, check out Misiones de Kino,
the #2 recommended restaurant in Cabo on Trip Advisor
As for food, we loved the inexpensive steak-and-shrimp burritos at Burrito Surf Shop
(110 pesos / $7.50). Also try the jamaica (ha-MY-ka), a refreshing hibiscus drink.
A beach walk is fun here. We passed ritzy resorts, cordoned-off VIP zones, party central stations,
outdoor massage tables, jet boats, paddleboarders, and the first wave of the spring break crowd.
I enjoyed swimming in this roped-off area with a view out to Land's End. The dropoff from the beach to
the ocean is so steep you can dive head-first into the water if you time it right with the incoming waves.
We found a quiet spot near the edge of the major resorts
to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the vendors
The most remote point by car on the
Baja peninsula is also its most touristed
Cabo's marina is afloat with wealth. Luxury Avenue indeed!
Our tour included being dropped off at Lover's Beach -- shown above,
sandwiched between the rocks. We requested pick-up an hour later.