Where We Be
Waterton Townsite -- Alberta, Canada
Waterton is one of our favorite towns in Canada.
It sits smack-dab in the middle of gorgeous
scenery, with the Prince of Wales Hotel serving
as a focal point for all the amazing views. The
town itself is so quaint it almost doesn't seem
real -- just a few streets of shops, restaurants,
ice cream parlors, and flower boxes. It feels like
a street in a Disney village. Terrific water views
abound, and you can walk to the pier and take a
delightful cruise along the lake. What's more,
parking is free and ample, there's a fantastic
campground right in town, and you can go on
two scenic drives nearby to Red Rock Parkway
and Akamina Parkway, with the chance to see
bear, elk, and deer. The hiking in the area is
another big draw. Two hikes in particular
deserve mention: Alderson-Carthew Trail and
Crypt Lake. We visited Waterton once before, in
2001 with my parents, and both times we've left
feeling like we wanted to come back for more.
On our way out of Waterton we visited the Bison Paddock, a worthwhile free
detour along a loop road. We were rewarded with views of bison drinking at a lake.
We did see this cute chipmunk though -- I guess that counts as wildlife!
This cardboard cutout bear was the
only bear we saw during our drive!
Red Rock Canyon Parkway (9 miles one way) offers
the perfect early morning or evening scenic drive
The impressive seven-story structure was built in 1927 by the Great Northern Railway and was
the final stop for affluent travelers visiting Glacier National Park's backcountry by horseback
We took a spin through the inside of the hotel, which
is elegant and English-feeling. What a location!
Perched on its plateau, the hotel offers
outstanding views down onto the lake
The hotel was nearly blown off its foundation by gale-force winds during its construction,
but now it's securely anchored to the site by large cables installed from its loft
The scenery is outstanding even on the outskirts of Waterton Lakes. Just up ahead is the left-hand
turn into the park. You'll pay a small entrance fee to visit this national park but it's worth every penny.
Our lodgings were a bit more modest but still to our liking! Waterton
Townsite Campground is located in town about a mile's walk from the center.
The highly popular campground is convenient to town amenities,
offers fine views, and is situated alongside the lake
Red Adirondack chairs beckon you to relax
for a bit and enjoy the view of Waterton Lake
Flower boxes add color to an already quaint town. At Wieners you can get a soda and a quarter-pound
gourmet hot dog with sauerkraut, pickled onions, and special sauce for $6.50 CAD (about $5 US)
Watch out for kickboxing attack deer on the trail into town
(just kidding -- they're only aggressive if you get too close)
The Prince of Wales Hotel, with its outstsanding setting atop a plateau,
inevitably draws your eye when you first visit Waterton Lakes