Where We Be
Icefields Parkway -- Cavell Meadows Hike
This was the last in a string of spectacular hikes
we got to experience this trip. The hike is only a
5-mile (8 km) loop, but the significant elevation
gain of 1,700 feet (525 m) -- if you include both
spur trails – made it a real challenge for us. We
had no idea what we were getting ourselves
into, but just be aware that the final push to the
top of the highest spur is no picnic. Still, the
views from the top compensate for all the effort.

The hike starts close to the town of Jasper near
the northern entrance station for the Icefields
Parkway. We drove up a winding road to Mount
Edith Cavell Meadows trailhead. A short climb
brought us to our first good view of Cavell and
Angel Glaciers, which drop into Cavell Pond at
the foot of the mountain. From there we switch-
backed up into alpine terrain. We recommend
hiking the loop in a counter-clockwise direction
so you can do the easier spur first, then take a
breather before tackling the harder spur.
Even on a cloudy day it's beautiful from
the summit of the Cavell Meadows hike
Early on you get good views looking
back down the valley towards the trailhead
This gives you a good idea of the tough
climb to the summit of the steep spur
But from the top it all becomes worthwhile
Angel Glacier is perched high above Cavell Pond, while
Cavell Glacier sits lower down and feeds directly into the pond
After Jasper, we drove a northerly route across Canada on the Yellowhead Highway --
past Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and Montreal -- on the way to Bar Harbor, Maine.
The drive took 48 hours over six days, with one rest day at Thunder Bay, Ontario along the way.
We’re proud of ourselves for having hiked 102 miles over the past two weeks –
45 miles in Glacier National Park and 57 miles in Waterton, Banff, and Jasper
Rest those legs while you can --
it gets a lot steeper from here!
The Cavell Meadows trail is really more of a lollipop than a loop. The steeper
of the two spurs shows top left. The easier spur (top right) doesn't show clearly
on this map. It's also worth taking the 0.3 km detour to the Cavell Pond overlook.
Bonus Hike -- Valley of the Five Lakes
On the evening prior to Cavell Meadows, we
also enjoyed a hike at Valley of the Five Lakes
The hike is aptly named since you really do pass five lakes. The whole loop
is only 3 miles (5 km) long with about 220 feet (66 m) of elevation gain.
The trail rose and fell more than we expected, and the mosquitoes were
a bit pesky, but nevertheless we enjoyed the lake views as the sun set
Red Adirondack chairs offer a perfect
place to sit quietly and take in the scenery
The trailhead is only 5 miles (9 km) south of Jasper along the Icefields
Parkway. It's a good choice if you're looking for an easy, convenient hike.