Where We Be
Shenandoah Nat'l Park -- Skyline Drive
Skyline Drive is a scenic 109-mile road that runs
the entire length of Shenandoah National Park,
with nearly 75 overlooks and numerous hiking
trails. It’s especially popular in autumn -- and
from these pictures you can see why!

We paid our $20 entry fee and enjoyed every
minute of the long, winding drive, which offers
terrific views down onto the Shenandoah Valley.
Equally dramatic was the fall foliage, especially
at lower elevations where it was at or near its
peak. We stood in one fantastic glen with dark
trunks and bright yellow foliage and sunlight
filtering through and felt...well, lucky. Lucky to
be alive in that moment.

The northern entrance for Skyline Drive is in
Front Royal, Virginia; since we were coming
from Philadelphia that's where we began. We
drove the park's entire length to the southern
entrance at Rockfish Gap in Waynseboro, VA.
The first of some 75 overlooks along Skyline Drive,
this one looking down onto the Shenandoah Valley
We'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves
Wow, what a spot -- what a fine day!
Within the first five minutes we came to this
beautiful glen filled with bright yellow foliage
Skyline Drive definitely isn't the fastest route through
Shenandoah Valley, but it sure is one of the prettiest