Where We Be
A helicopter flight over Iguazu Falls is a worthwhile splurge
Iguazu Falls by Helicopter (Brazil)
Shortly after our arrival in Foz do Iguacu we
took a spur of the moment helicopter flight over
Iguazu Falls. This was too tempting to resist
since our Eco Hostel lodgings were just a short
walk away from the helipad. The experience
only lasted about ten minutes, but what a great
ten minutes! The aerial views were tremendous.
As we took off we could see mist rising in the
distance, marking the Devil’s Throat. The closer
we got the better the views became. Seeing all
of the falls at once -- all 275 individual drops --
was something special.

Iguazu means "big water" in Guarani and that
pretty much sums it up. Our pilot took two full
turns around the falls (once more than we were
expecting), giving everyone on board a terrific
view. The cost of all this fun was only R$308
($80 US) per person thanks to an exchange rate
of nearly 4 to 1 -- not bad for a helicopter flight.
Helisul is located nearly adjacent to the park entrance for Iguazu Falls
We stayed at Iguassu Eco Hostel, just a short walk from the helipad
Look at a map and you'll see that Iguazu Falls, the airport, the helipad, and the Parque das Aves are all grouped
close together, while the city of Foz do Iguacu is more distant. We think lodgings right near the falls make the
most sense. At Iguassu Eco Hostel we were within walking distance of all key attractions. (Plus there's a pool!)
Aerial views like this are only available from the Brazilian side
Two full turns around the falls gave us plenty of time to enjoy
It's surprising such a close-up view of Iguazu can be had from a helicopter
Two very different moods of the Iguazu River
Amazing how much fun you can have in ten minutes
And off we go!
Our anticipation rises as we get closer
Open farmland quickly gives way to pristine jungle
Our chariot arrives
Misty falls appear in the distance