Where We Be
Parque das Aves -- Iguazu, Brazil
The Parque das Aves, or Bird Park, near Iguazu
Falls is a can't-miss attraction in its own right. It
provides habitat for more than 1,000 birds from
over 150 different species. Forty acres of lush
Atlantic Rainforest are beautifully laid out with a
trail that meanders from one exhibit to the next,
so you almost feel like you’re out in nature on
the most amazing bird walk of your life. The trail
is one way and very clear so you never get lost
or have to worry about missing something. The
extra-large aviaries give the birds plenty of
room to fly and socialize, and the macaw and
parrot aviary is actually the largest in the world.

Some 30 primary exhibits in the park focus on a
particular bird or reptile or else on a specific
habitat such as the Pantanal. Often there's no
fence at all between you and the birds so you
can get nice and close. Other than Iguazu Falls
themselves, this is the top attraction in Foz do
Iguacu and for good reason. The cost is R$ 34
(~$8 US) each. You can make a leisurely day of
it, as we did, or see it in just an hour or two as
an add-on activity to the falls if time is tight.
Greater Flamingo
Wattled Curassow
Black-Fronted Piping Guan
Green-Billed Toucan
Toco Toucan
Lady Amherst's Pheasant
White-Cheeked Turaco
It was fun getting to revisit some of our favorite Pantanal birds in the Pantanal Aviary
This turtle looks like he's about to have a really bad day!
Even the peacock put on quite a display for us at Parque das Aves
Golden Parakeet
Yellow-Shouldered Amazon Parrot
Scarlet Macaw
Red-and-Green Macaw
Blue-and-Yellow Macaw
The aviary is so big the macaws can fly around together in flocks.
And when they all get squawking together, it's quite the aural treat!
The Macaw Aviary is the largest in the world
Hyacinth Macaw
Scarlet Macaw
The park also includes a terrific Butterfly House
that includes both hummingbirds and butterflies
Colorful flowers add another element of beauty to the park
The park is located across the street from the Iguazu Falls
entrance, so it's easy to combine the two activities in one day
The park map lists 29 separate exhibits. Bird signs with photos help you quickly identify
each bird you're seeing, and the one-way trail layout makes navigating the park a cinch.
Scarlet Ibis
Plush-Crested Jay
Mandarin Duck
Red-Fan Parrot
Nanday Parakeet
Peach-Fronted Parakeet
Grey Crowned Crane
White-Faced Whistling Duck
One of the best things about Parque das Aves is how close
you can get to unusual birds like this wattled curassow
This poster highlights the rescue work
the park provides for injured birds
Heliconia (Lobster Claws)
Jandaya Parakeet
Southern Screamer