Where We Be
Say hi and bye to the 9th most populous city in the world.
Seeing Sao Paulo from the air was good enough for us.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
This is as close as we ever got to Sao Paulo,
and honestly, we're okay with that. We looked
down on it from an airplane window as we were
landing on a stopover flight. The endless rows
of high-rises speak volumes as to the sheer
number of people who call this place home. This
is a megalopolis with over 12 million urban and
21 million metro area inhabitants. It's the most
populous city in Brazil, South America, the
Southern Hemisphere, and the Americas. Heck,
it's the WORLD'S 9th largest city by population.

Looking down on Sao Paulo from above, we felt
grateful to have skipped seeing it at ground
level as it looks enormously intimidating to us
non-city folks. We spoke to a "Paulistano" while
on a boat tour in the Amazon and he told us his
daily commute was 2½ hours EACH WAY. Uh-uh.
It may have a vibrant culture and gourmet food
and cosmopolitan nightlife but it's just not for us.
When we see an image like this,
we feel exhausted just looking at it!