Where We Be
Kinsale, Ireland
Kinsale is one of those cute towns everyone
loves, and why not? Set on Ireland's southern
coast on a beautiful harbor, it’s full of boutique
shops and cafes and is the self proclaimed
gourmet capital of Ireland. The buildings are
painted bright colors, making it a pleasure to
walk around town. Flower pots aplenty brighten
the place and make it even more attractive.

Our visit to Kinsale included a stop at Charles
Fort (€4), a coastal fortification constructed in
the late 17th century. It’s a classic example of a
star-shaped fort from that era. Apparently the
star shape made sense since it allowed
defenders to shoot at attackers assailing the
other walls. We listened in as a tour guide
explained how the fort had a “100% failure
record,” having lost its one and only battle after
the wall was breached by cannon fired from
higher ground and the men inside surrendered.
Quaint buildings like this make the southern
coastal town of Kinsale a pleasure to visit
On the outskirts of town is another great attraction:
Charles Fort. It's a partially restored star fort built in 1677.
As shown in this aerial photo, Charles Fort is literally shaped like a star. This was
a cutting-edge approach to defense during the age of gunpowder and cannons.
Unfortunately, by the time it was constructed in the late 17th century, the utility of the star fort
was already on the wane with the development of more powerful artillery and explosive shells
The ticket price includes a guided tour. Our guide brought the
place alive and helped us understand its historic importance.
We spent quite some time after the tour wandering
around at leisure exploring the picturesque ruins
The fort's focus was on seaward defence, but it had a crucial weakness: it was overlooked by higher
ground inland. (Oops!) That was the key to its defeat during a 13-day siege in 1690 during the Williamite War.
The old brick buildings are evocative
and have some unusual designs
These peculiar structures were the
foundations for octagonal water tanks
There's a thriving cafe and restaurant scene here,
and the town is compact enough to be walkable
The buildings are painted bright colors,
and flower pots add even more punch
Whether you're looking for a traditional pub like Bulman's or a memorable feast at a gourmet
restaurant like Bastion or Finns' Table, KInsale has what you're looking for. It's a foodie heaven.
The historic port town sits at the mouth of the River Bandon,
and its fine harbor is popular for yachting, sailing, and fishing
On top of all the cool historic buildings, the views
of Kinsale harbor are fantastic from the fort