Where We Be
Lucan, Ireland
Fiona took us on a hike through the Fairy Woods
on our way to dinner -- only in Ireland!
This was our view of downtown Lucan in West Dublin from the open-air
window at Carroll's. Lucan is about 8 miles (13 km) from Dublin city center.
Dinner at Carroll's Gastro Pub in Lucan was a real
treat. The sizzling Steak on a Stone was fantastic.
We loved the tiny fairy swings -- not to mention the tiny fairy
laundry hung out to dry -- in the branches up above the trail
Lucan is a suburb in Dublin, and it was our last
stop at the end of a long trip. Altogether we've
been on the road internationally for some five
months -- starting in Morocco, then continuing
on to Gibraltar, then Spain, then the 500-mile
Camino de Santiago hike, then Portugal, then
Ireland. Luckily for us, we got to finish our trip
with one of our best friends from the Camino:
Fiona, who lives in Lucan and kindly offered us
a bed for the night before our flight home.

Fittingly enough, Fiona took us for an hour’s
walk through a nature park, then we shared a
delicious dinner at Carroll’s Gastropub. The
highlight was the Steak on a Stone, an 8-ounce
fillet of beef served sizzling on a salted hot
stone plate that kept cooking the rare meat
even once it was served. It came with three
toppings – drawn butter, sauteed onions, and
garlic sauce. We finished with cheesecake for
dessert. What a fun way to conclude our time in
Ireland -- with our favorite person from Ireland.
Source: TripAdvisor