Where We Be
Our beachfront condo was perfect for us, with a living
room and balcony looking right out over the ocean
Panama City Beach, Florida
After spending the holidays with family in
Maine, we drove down to Panama City Beach,
or PCB as it's known locally, where we stayed
for one month at an Airbnb rental right on the
beach. We got weather in the 60's and 70's --
perfect for us -- and certainly warmer than
Maine or Colorado at this time of year!

The highlight of each day was sunset over the
water. As occurs at beaches all around the
world that happen to face south or west, all
people come to a complete halt to appreciate
this daily miracle of nature for a few precious
moments before picking up where they left off.

While enjoying a string of perfect 75 degree
days, we'd finish up our daily walks on the
white sand beach with a swim in the ocean.
Bliss! Then another swim in our condo pool.
More bliss! Then some sunning on a deck chair
to dry off before heading back upstairs. All this
left us feeling vital and alive. We’re already
talking about coming back for two months next
January and February 2018.
We got to watch this daily spectacle right from our balcony
The beach is far from packed at this time of year, but we actually like it this way --
just a few kindred spirits walking along the shore and soaking up the quiet atmosphere
What a pretty world we live in!
The terrace and pool at Whispering Seas only added to the perfection of this answer
for us. We felt like it offered everything we needed for a month-long winter escape.
We couldn't get over how closely set against the ocean our condo was:
with the slider open you could hear the waves crashing just outside
Florida's Emerald Coast has some of the most sparkling white sands
you'll ever see in the U.S. -- and PCB's beach goes on for some 27 miles!
We love interiors like this that are just
big enough but with no wasted space
Even from the bedroom we could
hear the ocean waves crashing
As a break from the usual routine, I went jet skiing with fellow early retiree
Steve Miller. It was my first time jet skiing and  I have to say, it was a blast!
We jet skiied for two hours and covered a lot of ground. We saw dolphins
and even an alligator in a secluded cove. Steve drew up this map to show
the route we took. Definitely a day to remember, full of adventure and fun.