Where We Be
Here we are in Malaysia enjoying an upside down
view of a windmill in Mykonos, Greece!
Upside Down Museum -- Penang
Sometimes you just need a break from temples
and historic sites, and Penang's Upside Down
Museum is the perfect antidote. "Museum" is
really a misnomer here. This is a hands-on
homage to silliness that lets you take mind-
bending photos that make for fun online posts.

We found this to be an entertaining and quick
visit as plentiful staff are on hand to show you
how to pose and take pictures for you. You go
from room to room and a staff member snaps
one or two photos. Then it’s on to the next
room. Of course all the furniture and decor are
nailed upside down or sideways, so when you
invert your digital photo it looks like you’re
hanging off the ceiling or walls. The staff will
even take videos of you doing pushups on the
ceiling or making impossible jumps Spiderman
fashion from one wall to another.

Our visit only took us half an hour because we
arrived late in the day when crowds were light.
We suggest going early or late for this reason.
Cost is RM 25 each (~$6) which is steep by
Malaysian standards but affordable for tourists
looking for something different to do. An added
bonus is the air conditioning, which makes it a
pleasant place to visit on a hot day. (And most
days are hot in Malaysia, let me tell you.)

These photos really don't require captions so
just enjoy. And remember when you travel to
let yourself rediscover the kid inside you who
just wants to come out and play!
(Believe it or not the
balls roll down the table!)