Males were shaking their tail-feathers in earnest, doing
everything they could to attract a mate amidst stiff competition
Where We Be
One of our favorite experiences in KL Bird Park was watching this young girl feed a
Chattering Lory. Her focus and utter delight made us see the moment through her eyes.
Aquaria & Bird Park -- Kuala Lumpur
Just three of the many owls here. From left to right:
Malay Eagle Owl, Buffy Fish Owl, Spotted Wood Owl
Apparently no one told these Long-Tailed Macaques this is a bird park
If anyone could break into or out of a bird aviary, it would be these cunning macaques
Scarlet Ibis -- the bird voted least likely to blend into a crowd
Ostriches are caged for safety reasons -- but at least it's a BIG cage
Here you can see the netting overhead and get
a sense of just how big the walk-in aviaries are
A Yellow-Billed Stork shows off its fine plumage
Make sure you get my best side!
A Black-Crowned Night Heron floats peacefully on the water
This baby peacock is too cute! Look at its mom's much
bigger claws to get an idea of just how small this one is.
This map of Aquaria KLCC highlights all the exhibits and feeding times
You'll see a wide variety of peculiar fish on display
These adorable sea snakes poking up out of the sand were something new for us
The fish are BIG here, and so are the tanks
Watching huge sharks glide ominously overhead is especially fun
Our favorite feature was the transparent tunnel known as the Living Ocean. The tunnel goes
on for a long time and you can even step off the slow-moving conveyor belt for a longer look.
The silhouettes give you an idea of just how big some of these tanks are
Another highlight is the Blubber Jellies, tiny jellyfish
that move by rhythmically pulsating their "heads" or bells
We fit inside this Great White Shark's bite!
If we didn't know any better, we'd think seahorses
were like unicorns and didn't really exist
Aquaria KLCC
KL Bird Park
This Black Winged Lory looks like a masked bandit ready to pull off a heist
What could be prettier than these two Rainbow
Lorikeets taking turns drinking from the same cup?
You can just glimpse a smile as this young girl
watches her Chattering Lory take its first sip
Maybe he's eyeing this White Cockatoo/s veggie feast
Two Eclectus Parrots get lovey-dovey
This pelican insisted on a photo with Robin
And this pelican looked frankly offended we'd take a picture of her straight out of the bath
This is an odd picture, I know -- it's a mural of a Malaysian farm
with an actual hatchery full of chicks and ducklings placed in front
This map of KL Bird Park shows just how extensive the park is. The well-
designed trail system makes it easy to explore without missing any attractions.
Beautifully landscaped grounds make KL Bird Park
a great place to wander around for a few hours
Right off the bat you'll see gorgeous birds aplenty, like these Sun Parakeets
This Masked Lovebird is having a fine time chowing down on corn on the cob
The Waterfall Aviary is especially gorgeous,
and the trail winds right up to and behind the falls
Numerous Cattle Egret searched in vain for cattle anywhere inside the aviary
And this pelican has a seriously big mouth
We've never seen more peacocks than we did here
This odd looking bird is a Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Aquaria KLCC is a huge aquarium located right
next to the Petronas Towers. The cost is RM 64
($16) each, but we still think it's a good value
with its 150 species of marine life, super-sized
tanks, and super-convenient location. Its best
feature is the transparent tunnel known as the
Living Ocean -- a slow-moving conveyor belt
that takes you past sharks, rays, turtles, and all
sorts of fish swimming around and above you.

Also highly enjoyable is KL Bird Park -- the
world's largest covered bird park. Again, the
cost isn't cheap at RM 67 ($17) each, but it
boasts the largest free-flight walk-in aviary in
the world. With over 3,000 individual birds and
200-plus species, there's plenty to see here.
The grounds are lovely, too, with some 20 acres
to explore via winding paths that take you past
lakes and waterfalls and birds galore. We
especially liked the gorgeous Waterfall Aviary.
This crustacean has some seriously long antennae