From here you'll get your first views of
the ultra-chic Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Where We Be
The Singapore Flyer is Asia’s largest giant observation wheel (165 m high).
It offers outstanding views of Marina Bay and is worth the one-time splurge.
Marina Bay & Singapore Flyer
Marina Bay is the heart and soul of modern
Singapore. It's the perfect place to come at
night in particular, when all the buildings and
attractions are lit up and the place is in full
swing. If you're like us, you'll keep coming back
to this same area because there's so much to
see and do -- the amazing Gardens by the Bay
first and foremost (covered on the following
pages), but also the Marina Bay Sands Hotel,
Waterfront Promenade, and Singapore Flyer.

The Singapore Flyer is essentially an enormous
ferris wheel in a primo location. Cost is SG 33
(~$22 US) each. You get into a big capsule with
about ten other people, and the wheel takes
about half an hour to do a full rotation. The best
views of the Marina Bay skyline happen once
you crest the top and start coming back down.
The best time to go is around 7:30 pm because
you get to experience the city as it transitions
from day to night and all the lights come on.
Our first visit to Marina Bay was during the day. It's not as dramatic as at night, but it's pleasant to walk
along the waterfront and take in the sights. This odd creature spouting water from its mouth is a Mer-Lion.
Heading north around the waterfront, you come to the honeycombed
Esplanade Theater, where you can pop in for some cool A/C and a bite to eat
A basic room at the Marina Bay Sands might run you $500 per night or more. If you want to check out the infinity pool on that
top "deck," you'll pay dearly for it because only guests can visit it. Otherwise you can enjoy what the hotel has to offer for free.
The futuristic building has become an instant classic of the Singapore skyline.
The odd lotus-shaped building in front of the hotel is the ArtScience Museum.
You can walk right into the hotel for a look around. It's quite beautiful with all its
windows, and the window shopping is fun as long as you don't actually buy anything!
Here's a view of the Marina Bay Sands at night. At left you can see what's known
as the Helix, a raised pedestrian bridge that will take you straight to the hotel.
The night view of the Singapore skyline from the Helix is pretty spectacular, so if money is
tight and the Singapore Flyer seems too expensive, you can come here instead -- it's free!
Back near the Esplanade is a hawker court known as Makansutra Gluttons
Bay where you can find Asian food stalls offering relatively cheap eats
Outside Marina Bay Sands there are light shows twice per night.
Here a "movie" is being projected against a spray of water -- cool!
We began our "flight" around 7:15 pm (dusk). Our first views were of the
two domes at Gardens by the Bay and the ultra-busy Straits of Singapore.
But straight ahead was the real view -- Marina Bay all lit up and spectacular at night.
A soccer tournament was going on at bottom right -- what a place to play a match!
To one side we could see the Supertree Grove at
Gardens by the Bay. A light show was just starting up.
This is the same view at night when the various attractions are lit up. Frankly we think
it's worth visiting both times of day -- but we'd only pay to ride the Singapore Flyer at night.
Singapore Flyer
Here's a view of the Singapore Flyer in the daytime, taken from the bridge
that crosses from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel to Gardens by the Bay
Here you can see the capsule ahead of ours. It's just cresting the
top of the ride, and beyond it you can see the Singapore skyline.
To the other side we could see the
less well known parts of Singapore's skyline.